Ghent (Belgium), Giorgio Vassallo - EXPOLINGUA Berlin, the 28th International Fair for Languages and Cultures will take place in Berlin on November 20 and 21, 2015.

The language fair, which is the leading event of its kind in Germany , is poised to be a major opportunity for those interested in learning new languages and also to explore different language learning methodologies. 

The language fair will welcome visitors, exhibitors and speakers from many corners of The Language Sector: language holidays and exchange programmes, translation and interpreting, language politics in society, language testing and certification etc.

Besides the exhibition itself, the fair will also host a lecture programme and a cultural programme. The lecture programme will offer a wide range of lectures, workshops and presentations which will discuss various topics related to language learning in the broadest sense. In the cultural programme, visitors will be able to experience cultural diversity. In the 2014 edition, the Japanese calligraphy and the French improvisation theatre workshops were the most popular.

As of now there are 64 exhibitors that have registered, and more are expected to sign up. The 2014 edition of the language fair had over 165 exhibitors from almost 30 countries. Almost 10,000 visitors attended EXPOLINGUA 2014 and over 50 languages were represented in the language fair.

Most Popular Topics

"Many visitors were particularly interested in the 'how' aspect of language learning," said Silke Lieber, project manager with ICWE, the company organising EXPOLINGUA. "Alongside mini language courses, the most popular topics in the lecture programme, which involved 95 presentations, were the seminars with a focus on methodology, for example 'Learning Vocabulary Successfully' and 'Language Learning with Etymology', as well as orientation events such as 'Travelling Abroad After School' and 'Career Profile Translator/Interpreter.'"

EXPOLINGUA are still accepting applications from companies and organisations that might be interested in exhibiting in the language fair.

EXPOLINGUA Berlin is an event organised annually by ICWE GmbH. Among their other events are Languages & The Media, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, and LANGUAGES AND BUSINESS.

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