De Taalsector (The Language Sector) has introduced a new Top 100 format for its Ghent-based Language Industry Awards (LIAs). The newly reshaped LIAs were streamed live on Facebook for the first time and the Top 10 were broadcast in English simultaneously via remote interpreters online.


De Taalsector (The Language Sector) has launched a new Top 100 format for its 2017 LIAs, which were streamed live on Facebook and broadcast simultaneously in English via remote interpreters online. Before, the LIAs had an Oscar-like format with awards in eight categories: Best Language App or Software, Best Young Talent, Best Language Website, Best Learning and Networking Event, Best Language Product, Best Language Service, Best Language Publication and Best Language Project. This year, however, the LIAs had a Top 100 format and were streamed live on Facebook. The Top 10 were broadcast in English simultaneously via remote interpreters online to make them more internationally accessible.

With the LIAs, The Language Sector honours innovative and successful European language solutions from the previous year. On 26-27 April 2017, the public could vote for its favourites from a long list of 150 candidates, who had been campaigning for their language solutions. The LIAs took place from 8 to 12 May 2017 in a five-day countdown show, broadcast live everyday between 12.00am and 2.00pm.

The winner of the 2017 LIAs is, a Dutch website that sends its subscribers a daily email with a language issue in a quiz format in order to help them improve their linguistic proficiency. Eureka ADIbib came in second, with its audio textbooks for dyslexic children. The third place went to Kids&Us, a Catalan language school that provides language classes for children from one year old.

Founder of De Taalsector (The Language Sector), Dries Debackere, wishes to congratulate the winners and adds: ‘This year, almost 500,000 people engaged with the LIAs and were introduced to the best of the language sector in one way or another. To make the LIAs even more accessible, the countdown show will shortly be made available on YouTube.’

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